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Gold & Silver-based pigments

UGIEL is a French deeptech startup developing and commercializing a new generation of precious pigments.

Thanks to a patented technology, UGIEL uses gold and silver to decorate the surface of a wide range of micrometric supports and substrates with a resolution of about ten nanometers.

This confers colourful appearances and new functionalities to initial supports and substrates while preserving their intrinsic properties.

Your ideas, our experience

Because innovation comes from understanding your needs and provinding you with tailor-made solutions, we will use our experience to advise and propose individual and customized approaches to meet those needs.
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From R&D to production

UGIEL can provide the most suitable solutions and equipment both in laboratory activity and production of small and medium-sized series.

The compact and practical laboratory testing and pre-production lines represent cutting-edge technology for validating with experts which parameters could better suit your requests setting up to gain the best possible configuration.


Using the experience of several years of research and development, UGIEL takes advantage of the outstanding properties of gold and silver to give their pigments a wide range of colourful appearances and functionalities.

UGIEL’s patented technology consists in coating individual micrometric support particles with self-organized gold or silver layer with a resolution of about ten nanometers. By controlling microstructural features of this layer and the amount of deposited precious metal, we are able to tune the obtained colours and specific colour effects. 



Green chemistry & Upcycling

Gold-based pigments are formulated using green-chemistry routes developed and patented by UGIEL only using water , salts and natural reactants and optimized for pH-neutral conditions.

Moreover, special attention is also paid to carbon balance of our elaboration processes that only require short time and low temperature to be performed.

Finally, we also have concerns of the circular sustainability of our processes. Partnerships with academic research laboratories have been set up to recycle gold source and by-products of research works thanks to our technology.


Gold-based borosilicate pigments


Gold-based aluminium special effect pigment

mica gris 1440

Gold-based mica pigment

collier argent

Silver-based metallic reflective layer


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