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We offer our experience and our know-how about precious colours to be the R&D partner of your projects.

Wether it is fundamental resaerch, development of existing knowledge or process perfection, UGIEL will provide you with our skills and connection network in the academic research sphere.

After a thorough review of your specifications, and the context of your request, UGIEL will draft a state of the art of your project. Then, a concept creation and a feasibility sudy will follow, before performing (if needed) the last step of this process, which will be the production of a prototype.

During all these steps, UGIEL will take advantage of our connections with a great number of research laboratories to have access to last up to date characterization equipment. Your products hence will be exhaustively charaterized, and thus perfectly controled.

All these proceedings will of course be carried out under the sceal of secrecy. If needed, a non-disclosure agreement will be established to reinsure both parties.


A circular economy model


UGIEL‘s business model is part of a larger eco-responsibility will of our company. Thus, the raw material we use, mostly originates fro public research laboratories.

Indeed, once they have been elaborated and studied by the researchers, most of those are listed, indexed and thrown away after a certain amount of time.

UGIEL hence developped processes designed to recycle them into raw materials for the production of precious colours. These processes allow us to give a second life to the materials studied in ressearch laboratories, and also to substantially lower the production costs of precious dyes.

However, when projects of our clients aren’t compatible with this process, we then synthesize these dyes ourselves, whilst favouring chemical processes which lower the energy and solvent use.

Hence, whatever your project is, at UGIEL, we keep in mind that a constructive R&D program necessarily includes eco-responsible protocols.


A continuous care for optimization


UGIEL is constantly looking for how to improve our products. Thus, thanks to our links to the academical research sphere, we frequently update our processes, and are able to offer you the last technological innovations.


A propos d’UGIEL

UGIEL met à profit les propriétés exceptionnelles des solutions colloïdales de métaux nobles tels l’or ou l’argent pour créer une nouvelle génération de colorants inorganiques et de matériaux colorés précieux qui apporteront une touche de luxe à vos produits


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