Combining mastering of both the materials and their processing techniques, UGIEL is your partner in the achievement of limited series of precious colored objects.

A preliminary study will first be performed, fitting to the specifications provided by our client. Some R&D services could be suggested in certain cases, to overcome eventual scientific or technological locks, which otherwise may slow down your project.

After greenlighting of our client, one or several prototypes will be produced before swiching to the production phase.

A prodcution protocol will then be drafted.


This offer is particularly adapted for productions requiring high technicality, both in terms of control of the différent componants of the final product, and of its processing and post-production treatments.

UGIEL‘s team and environment are reactive and adaptive, and thus a guarantee of the success of your projects.

A propos d’UGIEL

UGIEL met à profit les propriétés exceptionnelles des solutions colloïdales de métaux nobles tels l’or ou l’argent pour créer une nouvelle génération de colorants inorganiques et de matériaux colorés précieux qui apporteront une touche de luxe à vos produits


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