UGIEL is an innovating project which finds its origins in a prospective thinking on the field of precious metal colloidal solutions chemistry. It results from the will, both to make business and to promote the scientific culture and researchers, of 4 members of the scientific environment. This embodiment of scientific excellence aspires to create new aesthetical and technique references, and thus form a combination of art, handicraft and science.


Art & Science


Observation of matter at the scale of atom has an aesthetic itself, at least as high as it’s scientific contribution. Thus, for the international year of chemistry, in 2011, the plastic artist and photographer Marie Minot, with the contribution of Jérôme Majimel, used electron mircoscopy shots of colloïdal gold solutions to build an artistic performance called “Do Gold Triangles really exist ?”. This project – included in a more global initiative  from Bordeaux, the “Chimie Show” – recieved the 2nd price from the ministery of ressearch and higher education, during the 20th science festival. It also has been the starting point of an exhibited will from Mr. Majimel to bring Art and Science closer, which has manifested itself during different actions, which, ultimately, grew into the UGIEL project.



These links between Art and Science have been pursued on the occasion of the starting of a new project called “Crossed views on matter”, which proposed a new collaboration with the artist Marie Minot, again centered on the noble metal colloidal solutions . This thime, however, the first mention of jewelry, made of noble metal colloidal solutions was made. This initiative never came to light, though, most probably because it was too young, and maybe also not constructed enough… but the idea hasn’t been thrown away!

Jérôme Majimel then teamed himself with 3 colleagues to give birth to the UGIEL project.


From concept to context


Successively called Quantum Creations, RedGold and Coquelyco, this initiative could first count on the failess support from the home-lab of 3 of the co-founders, the so-called “Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux” (ICMCB / CNRS), as well as from a few other persons. Then, around end-2016, the UGIEL team knocked at the door of the “Incubateur de la Région Aquitaine” (IRA) (the regional business incubator), and encountered extremely competent and enthousiastic people. A few months later, UGIEL was officialy part of the IRA and we were developping our first few demonstrators…


A propos d’UGIEL

UGIEL met à profit les propriétés exceptionnelles des solutions colloïdales de métaux nobles tels l’or ou l’argent pour créer une nouvelle génération de colorants inorganiques et de matériaux colorés précieux qui apporteront une touche de luxe à vos produits


UGIEL à l’Incubateur Régional d’Aquitaine

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