Precious colours


To create our new generation of dyes, we, at UGIEL, are sculpting the matter atom by atom to form noble metal nuggets with controlled shapes, and which’s size is approximately 10 million times smaller than an orange!
This technology, leaning on more than 10 years of research, reveals the extraordinary properties of the matter, which, at this size, allow gold to show off in red, or silver to appaer blue or yellow.

The colour range hence developed by UGIEL is as deep as variable and ows it’s “precious” name to the fact that only gold, silver and copper are used to produce them.


Foreground : set of vials containing water, soap and gold and/or silver particles of different shapes ans sizes.Background : transmission electron microscopy shots of gold particles (right) and silver (left) respectively contained in the red and blue vials



UGIEL‘s know-how and expertise allow us:

  • to develop tailored precious colours
  • to disperse the precious dyes in diferent types of media without changing their properties
  • to provide an offer of precious resins for numerous fields of application
  • to offer a range of temperature-sensitive and/or UV-sensitive precious dyes, which will exhibit an irreversible colour change



Expertise and quality measures


UGIEL exclusively distributes it’s precious colours once their client chose a medium in which the precious colours will be dispersed. This medium can either be selected among the solutions UGIEL offers, or furnished by the client himself.

In this last case, fitting with the strict quality control policy UGIEL requires, various tests will be performed to ensure a satisfying an optimal preserving of the initial properties of the medium. Accelerated tests will also be performed to confirm the behaviour of the coloured matrix under different stresses (mecanical, temperature, UV,…).




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A propos d’UGIEL

UGIEL met à profit les propriétés exceptionnelles des solutions colloïdales de métaux nobles tels l’or ou l’argent pour créer une nouvelle génération de colorants inorganiques et de matériaux colorés précieux qui apporteront une touche de luxe à vos produits


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